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200,000 All Time Hits

Break out the grape juice (I’m a Nazarene, after all)!  Some time yesterday, the blog broke 200,000 all time hits.  I’d like to say thanks to all the readers.

Since its move from blogspot in 2010, the blog has averaged about:

  • 133 hits a day
  • 4000 hits a month
  • 50,000 hits a year.

Overall traffic to the blog seems to be trending up, even though I’ve neglected it lately.  Here are the average hits per day over the last 4 years:


Here are the 10 most popular posts of all time.  Interestingly, the top 3 have nothing to do with Arminian theology:

And lastly, here are the top views by country for the past year.  The blog clearly does better in the English world, and there are very few readers who live in the Sahara or the “stan” countries.  Brazil comes in at #6, so thanks also to the Portuguese readers, especially those who have translated some of the posts.



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One Year Anniversary on WordPress

I have been blogging with wordpress now for one year!  Actually it has been a year and four days, but I didn’t remember on the actual day.  Fortunately this is an anniversary that I won’t get in trouble for forgetting. :)  Moving from Blogspot was a pain, but definitely worth it.

I’m a stats nerd, and pay attention to how many hits the blog gets.  Here’s the breakdown:

31413 hits
85 hits a day average
Biggest referrer: Society of Evangelical Arminians
Biggest blog referrer: Arminian Today
Busiest day: 831 hits (May 20, 2011 – Harold Camping post)
Top viewed posts:
1: Top 10 Reasons the World Won’t End on May 21, 2011
2: Questions for Calvinists
3: The Meaning of the Christian Fish – ΙΧΘΥΣ
4: Paintings of Jesus by Warner Sallman
5: Women are Called to Preach – Part 1
6: Calvin and Hobbes on Fatlaism
7: Differences in Calvinism and Arminianism
8: The Hardening of Pharaoh’s Heart
9: Stuff Liberal Christians Like
10: Inclusivism: Myths and Realities

Thanks to those of you who follow the blog.  I hope to post more consistently in year two, but probably won’t. :)


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Blog Update

Just want to let my (few) readers out there know that I haven’t given up on blogging.  We’ve been in the process of finishing our basement.  It’s a big project that has taken most of my blogging  time.  I hope to post more frequently again when finished.  We hope to be done with the project by the end of November.  I have another post almost ready to go too.

God bless,



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Welcome to Wesleyan Arminain at WordPress!

Well, I decided to make the big move to WordPress.  If you follow the blog, please update your bookmarks and feeds!

All of the posts from blogspot have been imported, although I’ve noticed that the formatting is messed up on some of them.

I hope to get all of my side links moved over eventually, to maintain some of the look and feel of the old blog.  I actually prefer some of the options of blogspot, but have become increasingly frustrated with the comment moderation options there.  The old blog will stay up (to help with link backs, etc).

Let me know what you think, and thanks for stopping by!


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Added Word Verification

I added “word verification” for comments. This is to help reduce the amount of Chinese link spam that unfortunately comes. Anyone can still comment, it will just ask for the word verification now. If this sort of nonsense continues, I will switch to wordpress. :)


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Search Queries

Here are some of the more interesting search queries that have lead people to this blog. (My comments are in italics)

arminians don’t like to be called fundamentalists (True enough)
are all the tenth avenue north boys married?
are muslims allowed to touch a pig?
arminians burn stake (I hope they mean Arminians burn steak)
c.s. lewis calvinist quotes (good luck on that one)
calvinists vs arminians football audio
can an egyptian touch a pig (what is it with pigs?)
can demons be sent to the pit now?
catholic saints with name reed, jackson, or jack
cool arminian
does romans 9 talk about israel
frankenstein vs. bible
green baggins enns (tricksy hobbitses!)
indiana wesleyan greek witherington blog (sounds interesting!)
iranian arminian news (it’s nice to see someone misspell Armenian)
is wesleyan arminianism heresy (I hope not)
jesus brings the pizza painting
john piper is an idiot (Piper is a lot of things, idiot is not one of them)
quotes with the word felicitous in it (I have one in mind)
slave owners preached eternal security (really?)
swine flu pizza substitition
what is samantha jones saying to richard (several queries for “samantha jones”, odd.)
where is peter enns now? (Where is Waldo now?)
why arminians are idiots (Because God decreed it?)


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Blogging On Hold

I need to put blogging on hold for a while. Life is quite busy! We recently closed on a house, and are now in the process of moving. Thanks for following the blog, I’ll be back in a week or so.

God bless,


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