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Calvinism Explained in 10 Minutes – Greg Boyd

Here’s a nice concise presentation by Greg Boyd on the differences between Calvinism and Arminianim.  HT: Society of Evangelical Arminians


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The Arminian Theology of “What’s in the Bible”

What’s in the Bible is a DVD / video teaching series for children about the Bible.  It is produced by Phil Vischer, one of the makers of “VeggieTales”.

Anyway, I’ve been watching the series with my son Alexander.  He really enjoys it.  I do too.  I’ve appreciated how well done the series is.  It is entertaining, but not at the expense of accuracy.  It overviews the entire Bible, from beginning to end.  It add in little tidbits here and there (like the difference between a canon and a cannon), and in the process teaches about Jewish and Christian history, and how and why we have the Bible today with the books that it contains.


I’ve noticed (and appreciated) how very Arminian the series is.  God is described as relational, loving, and all powerful.  The series also takes a high view of scripture, when the opening song asks, “Is it true, is it reliable, absolutely verifiable?” (and concludes that it is).

Here is a sample of dialog from episode 2 “Who wrote the Bible?”.

Sunday School Lady: “God loves us more than anything else he’s ever made. And He loves it when we love Him back.  But it has to be our choice. God could make us love him, but that isn’t love at all.  We’d be like robots, like toasters. You press the toast button, you get toast.  You press the love button, you get love.”

Ian: “My toaster doesn’t have a love button.”

Sunday School Lady: “Nope, neither does a robot. Love is a choice.  So God gave us a powerful, dangerous gift.  He gave us the freedom to choose.”

Brother Louie: “Dangerous, what’s so dangerous about being able to choose, Sunday School Lady?”

Sunday School Lady: “We can choose to love God or we can reject him.  We can choose to love each other or hurt each other.  Through the years people chosen to do wonderful things and terrible terrible things.  Love is so important to God that the risk is worth it.  God’s heart aches when we choose to hurt each other and reject him.  But he still lets us choose.”

Buck Denver: “Wow, that’s really big.”


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Greg Boyd – Sermon on Romans 9

Greg Boyd recently did a sermon on Romans 9.  It’s entitled “Twisted Scripture: Romans 9”.  It’s well worth listening to.  You can find the whole sermon here, or a short clip of it here.

HT: Dale Wayman

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Arminian Video: Clive Lewis and John Piper’s Calvinist Confusions, by Dr. Jerry Walls

Jerry Walls (co-author of the book Why I’m not a Calvinist) recently did a presentation at Azusa Pacific University.  It’s entitled “Clive Lewis and John Piper’s Calvinist Confusions”.  In the video, Walls critiques Piper’s recent book “Does God Desire All to be Saved”.  Walls succinctly shows the errors and equivocation that Piper’s view entails.


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Video of the 2014 Wesley Conference

Here’s a link to video of the presentations at the recent Wesley conference at Northwest Nazarene College: Wesleyan Theological Society 2014.

Topics included:

  • The Death of Sin in the Death of Jesus – Ben Witherington III, Asbury Theological Seminary
  • The Holy Spirit and Holy Communion: A Wesleyan Liturgy of Atonement – Jason Vickers, United Theological Seminary
  • Christ Crucified: Charles Wesley’s Passion – Randy Maddox, Duke University
  • Atonement in the Wesleyan Tradition: Past and Present Looking Forward – Panel discussion.

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Free Video Lecture Series About Jacob Arminus

The Francis Asbury Society recently sponsored a four part lecture series about Jacob Arminius.  It was hosted by Dr. Keith Stanglin and Dr. Thomas McCall, co-authors of the book:  Jacob Arminius: Theologian of Grace.

The series has been posted to Vimeo, here’s the link: A Day With Arminius

HT: Matt O’Reilly


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Q&A Session about Arminianism and Calvinism by Roger Olson

Roger Olson recently did a Q&A Session about Arminianism and Calvinism.  It took place at City on a Hill Church, Federal Way, WA.  The video is available on Vimeo.  Run time is about 2.5 hours.

Part 1

Part 2

Roger Olson’s blog can be found here.

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