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Christmas Carol Quiz

A little Christmas carol trivia quiz.  See how well you do! Answers are given at the end of the post.

1) An American Negro spiritual that dates back to at least 1865.  Author and musician are unknown.

2) First song to be broadcast over radio.  It became popular in the North during the American Civil War. Originally a French carol, but later denounced by the church in France when it was discovered that the lyrics were written by a communist.

3) This tune was first recorded by Gene Autry, and was  based on a children’s story that was written by a Montgomery Wards employee.

4) An Episcopal priest from Philadelphia was inspired to write this song after making a visit to Palestine.

5) Charles Wesley published the original lyrics, which were subsequently modified by George Whitfield.  We sing Whitfield’s version today.

6) This famous song is based on Psalm 98.  Trios of nocturnal canines have nothing to do with it.

7) This is probably the best known Spanish holiday tune (in the USA).  It wishes you a prosperous new year.

8) A priest from a small Austrian town wrote this for his parish.  Legend has it that the church did not have a working organ, so the song was written to be accompanied by guitar.

9) This children’s tune hit #1 on the billboard charts in 1958, and required some innovative engineering to produce the unique vocal sounds.

10) This song may date back to the 15th century.  In Dickens’ “Christmas Carol”, Scrooge makes threats against someone who tries to sing it to him.

11) This old secular tune was  banned by Oliver Cromwell (who wasn’t keen on Christmas celebrations).  In the lyrics the carolers make some blunt demands upon the rich hosts that they sing to.

12) This song was written in part to celebrate the 400th birthday of Martin Luther.  It is a lullaby to baby Jesus.

13) You are supposed to rise if you hear this tune performed live.  Legend has it that King George II stood the first time he heard it.

14) This song by Bing Crosby is the best selling single of all time. It was popular during World War II.

15) Written by an English Jacobite who fled to France to avoid persecution.  The original version is in Latin, “Adeste Fideles, Laeti triumphante”


1) Go Tell it on the Mountain
2) O Holy Night
3) Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
4) O Little Town of Bethlehem
5) Hark the Herald Angels Sing
6) Joy to the World
7) Feliz Navidad
8) Silent Night
9) The Chipmunk Song (Christmas don’t be late)
10) God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
11) We Wish You a Merry Christmas
12) Away in a Manger
13) The Hallelujah Chorus
14) White Christmas
15) O Come All Ye Faithful

10-15 = Choir Director
5-9 = Lead Tenor
0-4 = Backup Camel in the Christmas play


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