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Welcome to Wesleyan Arminian!

Welcome to my new blog:

The focus of this blog will be Arminian theology from a Wesleyan perspective (if the title doesn’t give it away). Since I am a layman, this blog will come from a layman’s view. I write with conversational words (like “salvation”) instead of more academic terms (like “soteriology”). Big words distract me.

Coming up in the near future, I want to take a look at some key Calvinist proof texts. I’m planning an overview of: Romans 9, John 6, and Ephesians 1. I also want to address other topics of interest to Wesleyan Arminians. Stuff like: open theism, holiness, views of the atonement, inerrancy, the state of the church universal, etc.

This blog needs a face lift. If you have some suggestions, drop me a note.

In addition, I plan on updating the labels / tagging on some of the old posts to make them easier to find.

I will still be posting on my old blog here: That blog will be devoted to family, politics, hobbies, and other sorts of interests.

To Him who is not willing that any should perish. To Him who is worthy to be praised. Further up and further in!

Kevin Jackson (Pizza Man)


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