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Timeline of Arminian History

The Arminian Chronicles blog  has put together a a very nice timeline of Arminian history. Be sure to check it out.  Here is the direct link:  Arminian Timeline.

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Burning of the Koran: Some Random Thoughts

There has been a lot in the news lately about the small church in Gainesville, Florida that plans to burn copies of the Koran on 9-11.  Here are some of my thoughts on the matter.

I remember one time in college that some friends got a hold book of Mormon and tore it up (I went to a Christian college).  It really bothered me.

It’s wrong to show blatant disrespect to a religious book that is valued by others.  Even when the book is in error.  We respect the book because we respect the persons who value it.

I remember as a kid getting my first Bible.  My parents taught me to take great care with it.  To treat it reverently.  One “rule” I was taught was to never set something else on top of my Bible.  The Bible is God’s word, and so I was to treat the Bible with respect.  Some may call that rule legalistic, and maybe it was.  But I still don’t set anything on top of my Bible.  And if I see something on top of a Bible, I will move it.

Muslims feel the same way about the Koran as I feel about the Bible.  Even more so.  They generally have it beat into their heads at a young age that the Koran is a holy book worthy of respect.  When someone deliberatly destroys the Koran, this creates rage among Muslims.  Perhaps that is the biggest concern here.  Creating rage among Muslims against Christians, and against Christ.  Stuff like this pushes them further away from Jesus.

On the flip side Acts 19:19 is somewhat applicable.  It records the Ephesians burning up their magic scrolls.  The difference there is that they were burning their own things that they no longer wanted.  Not going out and buying them and burning them to make a point or to try and irritate others.

It’s also irritating how the media has hyped this event up.  It seems the secular media is always jumping at the chance to portray Christians as hateful.

Lastly, the name of the church group seems oxymoronic.  “Dove World Outreach”.  Nice.


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