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Who Has The Best Fur Coat? [Humor]

I’m not a big fan of John Calvin, but do have to admit he had some pretty awesome fashion sense.  But there are also other worthy contenders in the category of style.  Vote below for who you think has the best fur coat.

Note: this poll is for fashion presence only, not theology!  So even if you think the other contenders have better theology than Calvin, try to not let that influence your vote.

Six Ways Calvin is Better than Arminiusjoe-namath-fur-jacket-at-super-bowl-2014-photosa02cruella-deville


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Arminian Video: Clive Lewis and John Piper’s Calvinist Confusions, by Dr. Jerry Walls

Jerry Walls (co-author of the book Why I’m not a Calvinist) recently did a presentation at Azusa Pacific University.  It’s entitled “Clive Lewis and John Piper’s Calvinist Confusions”.  In the video, Walls critiques Piper’s recent book “Does God Desire All to be Saved”.  Walls succinctly shows the errors and equivocation that Piper’s view entails.


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