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Life is Hard – by Heidi Jackson

Here is a song written and sung by my daughter Heidi. I hope it blesses you as it has me.

Life is hard ‘cause we make mistakes.
Life is hard ‘cause we sin.
Life is hard ‘cause we have bad days.
And it’s hard ‘cause we’re far from God.

But God gave us a gift.
For whoever believes in him,
Shall not die, but have eternal life.
There’s no doubt when God’s around
‘cause he loves us, and he’s with us.

Life is hard ‘cause we’re getting sick.
Life is hard ‘cause we’re sad.
Life is hard, cause we’re getting mad.
And it’s hard ‘cause we’re far from God.

Life is hard, cause we get bullied.
Life is hard, cause we’re scared
Life is hard, cause we lose our friends.
And it’s hard ‘cause we’re far from God.


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Interesting Links – 11/29/09

Dr. Jeffrey E. Greenway, a UMC Pastor gives a review of the Wesley Study Bible. He comments on the Calvinist resurgence. “In my opinion, the trend of the majority of modern evangelicalism has a Calvinist/Reformed bent…However, I also believe that the world and culture in which most of us find ourselves is ripe for a resurgence of a Wesleyan approach to faith and practice.”

Looks like Bill O’Reilly is not a Calvinist. In this video he mentions (in passing) some of the problems of Calvinism. Go to 2:45 for the pithy version. (HT: Contemporary Calvinist)

Blogger Peter Churcher is doing a series called “Out of the Closet”, where he gives his reasons for holding to certain doctrines. In this post he explains why he is an Arminian. “Arminianism is a belief in God’s grace first and foremost, with an acceptance of our God given free will and responsibility. Arminianism is the belief that we are all spiritually blind and are in need to God’s grace.”

William Birch gives three reasons why Calvinism should be rejected: Historical Verity Belongs to Arminianism, God is to be Glorified, and Scripture and the Significance of Hermeneutics.

According to Nick Norelli, Christian radio hosts James White (Calvinist) and Michael Brown (Arminian) are looking into a possible debate.


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Fun Little Poem

A little poetry about a certain opponent of Arminius. :)

Franciscus Gomarus was a Superlapsarius;
He actually gave Adam an excuse,
God had decreed, foreordained Adam’s deed
God had precooked Adam’s Goose!

(Author unknown, quoted by Vic Reasoner in his audio series on systematic theology, “Attributes of God, part 1”)

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Servetus the Evangelical out of the Closet?

Hat tip to Steve Noel.

According to Steve, “Apparently Servetus the Evangelical is a golfer named Kermit Zarley. Never heard of him before but his clues match up with this fellow.”

If you don’t know who Servetus the Evangelical is, his website is here. Mr Zarley’s website is here.

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Interesting Links – 11/14/09

Wesley the Movie premiers tonight in Winston-Salem, NC. The Winston-Salem Journal has an article about the production. For more info see the movie website or Facebook page. has a good short biography about Calvin: John Calvin – Geneva’s Iron Hand.

SLW presents a cure for the TULIP.

The New American (a conservative opinion site) has an article that is critical of Al Gore and his climate change theories. The author, James Heiser, ties Gore’s theory to Arminianism. “In a style suited for a culture swamped by typically Arminian thinking, Mr. Gore assures his readers that salvation is in their hands.

Calvinist Tim Haufler takes a look at 1 John 2:2. What does “whole world” mean?


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Arminian Audio: Dr. Michael Brown

Here is an audio link to a Christian radio call in show hosted by a person named Dr. Michael Brown. He explains why he is not a Calvinist.

Calvinism vs Arminianism – Part 1: November 4, 2009
Calvinism vs Arminianism – Part 2: November 5, 2009
Why I Am Not a Calvinist – Part 1: November 9, 2009
Why I Am Not a Calvinist – Part 2: November 10, 2009

Also available by podcast

Of interest:

  • He gives an account how he was a Calvinist for five years and then later rejected the system.
  • He became a Calvinist through intellectual studies and not by “being on his knees”.
  • For him Calvinism promoted intellectual pride and a lack of spiritual vitality.
  • He noted the tendency of Calvinists to have a fixation on certain doctrines.

HT: Arminian Today

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