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Thomas Oden

A great theologian, a brilliant man.  He will be missed.  His book “The Transforming Power of Grace” is the best book out there about grace written from a broadly Wesleyan perspective.

Here’s a lecture he gave a few years ago at Seattle Pacific University about classical Christianity.

Here’s a fun account of someone (a Calvinist!) who went to Oden’s house uninvited in order to meet him.

Christianity Today: Died: Thomas Oden, Methodist Theologian Who Found Classical Christianity


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Michael Patton Meets Thomas Oden

Michael Patton has a fun story about how he met Thomas Oden.  Check it out here. From the post:

He is going to think you are a nut. You cannot just walk up to someone’s house that you don’t know and expect to talk to them. Are you a stalker? However, I countered this with a classic: Michael, you are probably the only one crazy enough to do something like this so it will work.

Odon is one of my favorite theologians.  Reading his work  is like drinking from the fire hose.

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Interview With Thomas Oden

In honor of Thomas Oden’s 80th birthday, Christianity Today reposted an interview they did with him in 1990. It can be found here: Back to the Fathers.  Oden discusses modernism, post modernism, and his move from modernism to classical Christianity.  He has some great insights.

HT: Society of Evangelical Arminians

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