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Audio Link: Apologetics for Christians

Apologetics for Christians has lots of good audio discussion on Arminianism and Calvinism. They have a five part series on Arminianism (mostly dealing with the topic of if it’s possible to lose salvation or not – he says no), and a 10 part series on Calvinism.

The site is run by Kelly and Theresa Powers from Winnipeg, Manitoba. They come from a Calvary Chapel and Christian Missionary Alliance background. Kelly describes himself as a “Calminian” who’s closer to Arminianism than Calvinism. After listening to him I would describe him as a 4-point Arminian who’s perhaps not comfortable with the title. :) I haven’t listened to all of his stuff yet, but he seems to have a good theological grasp, and a kind heart. He does like to make fun of James White – but that’s perhaps understandable. :)

Anyway, Kelly has an internet broadcast where people talk to him and ask questions. If you have lots of time to listen, he has good stuff to say, but the show does run pretty long.

Audio links located here: Audio Link

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