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Preview of Roger Olson’s New Book: Against Calvinism

Zondervan has a preview out of Roger Olson’s new to be released book: Against Calvinism.  The preview includes the first chapter, plus an introduction by Michael Horton.  Dr Olson also did a blog post about the book, which can be found here.   I’m looking forward to reading it, and posting a review.

Chapter Titles:
1 – Why This Book Now?
2 – Whose Calvinism? Which Reformed Theology?
3 – Mere Calvinism: The TULIP System
4 – Yes to God’s Sovereignty; No to Divine Determinism
5 – Yes to Election; No to Double Predestination
6 – Yes to Atonement; No to Limited Atonement / Particular Redemption
7 – Yes to Grace; No to Irresistible Grace / Monergism
8 – Conclusion: Calvinism’s Conundrums
Appendix 1: Calvinist Attepmts to Rescue God’s Reputation
Appendix 2: Responses to Calvinist Claims

(HT: Dr. Dale Wayman)

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