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How to Pray for Egypt

A college friend of mine, John Hanna, has written a good blog post on how we can pray for Egypt.  He gives seven specific ways.  Be sure to check it out.

John is Egyptian by ancestry, his parents were born there.

From a Pastor’s Heart – Revolution in the Middle East.

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Timeline of Arminian History

The Arminian Chronicles blog  has put together a a very nice timeline of Arminian history. Be sure to check it out.  Here is the direct link:  Arminian Timeline.

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Interesting Links – 12/19/09

Ben Witherington has Handel’s Messiah, the Story Behind the Classic. He notes that, “John Wesley was one of the ones who saw an early performance of this work. In his Journal he commented “there were some parts that were affecting, but I doubt it has staying power”.”

The history of Hark the Herald Angels Sing. The original lyrics were written by Charles Wesley and then modified by George Whitefield (which reportedly made Charles furious). “Hark! how all the welkin ring”, I think Whitefield was right on this one. It’s good to see that a combined Arminian / Calvinist effort turned out a great classic Christmas song, even if Charles was displeased.

Check out the newly updated Wikipedia article: Conditional Perseverance of the Saints. Arminian Steve Witzki has spent time expanding the entry and adding primary sources references for everything.

Dan from Arminian Chronicles is doing a series on Romans 9, 10, and 11. For our Calvinist friends, Romans 10 and 11 are the chapters after Romans 9. ;)

A youtuber named by the name of Providential1611 has done a pretty funny presentation called FREE WILL Answering silly Calvinist challenges. HT: James Brown

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Interesting Links – 11/29/09

Dr. Jeffrey E. Greenway, a UMC Pastor gives a review of the Wesley Study Bible. He comments on the Calvinist resurgence. “In my opinion, the trend of the majority of modern evangelicalism has a Calvinist/Reformed bent…However, I also believe that the world and culture in which most of us find ourselves is ripe for a resurgence of a Wesleyan approach to faith and practice.”

Looks like Bill O’Reilly is not a Calvinist. In this video he mentions (in passing) some of the problems of Calvinism. Go to 2:45 for the pithy version. (HT: Contemporary Calvinist)

Blogger Peter Churcher is doing a series called “Out of the Closet”, where he gives his reasons for holding to certain doctrines. In this post he explains why he is an Arminian. “Arminianism is a belief in God’s grace first and foremost, with an acceptance of our God given free will and responsibility. Arminianism is the belief that we are all spiritually blind and are in need to God’s grace.”

William Birch gives three reasons why Calvinism should be rejected: Historical Verity Belongs to Arminianism, God is to be Glorified, and Scripture and the Significance of Hermeneutics.

According to Nick Norelli, Christian radio hosts James White (Calvinist) and Michael Brown (Arminian) are looking into a possible debate.


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Interesting Links – 11/14/09

Wesley the Movie premiers tonight in Winston-Salem, NC. The Winston-Salem Journal has an article about the production. For more info see the movie website or Facebook page. has a good short biography about Calvin: John Calvin – Geneva’s Iron Hand.

SLW presents a cure for the TULIP.

The New American (a conservative opinion site) has an article that is critical of Al Gore and his climate change theories. The author, James Heiser, ties Gore’s theory to Arminianism. “In a style suited for a culture swamped by typically Arminian thinking, Mr. Gore assures his readers that salvation is in their hands.

Calvinist Tim Haufler takes a look at 1 John 2:2. What does “whole world” mean?


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Interesting Links – 11/01/09

The Spokane Examiner has an article entitled: A Methodist’s Take on Predestination and Free Will. (HT: Wesley Wong)

Richard Coords takes a look at a dissertation that explores the potential Gnostic influence on Augustine’s doctrine of Predestination.

Blogger Josh Taylor has an excellent piece on Justification by Faith.

Calvinist Kevin DeYoung asks: Can God Know Everything and Still Give Us Free Will? Be sure to see Adam O’s comment.

Hyper-Calvinist Bill Parker says Calvinists aren’t saved if they defend Arminians.

Destiny or Free Will? Christianity Today’s Todd Hertz writes about a new ABC TV series that will “explore the nature of destiny and the human condition.”


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Interesting Links – 10/18/09

Dr. Tim Pierce (pastor and professor) is doing an ongoing series about his journey out of Calvinism – what originally attracted him to it, and why he is no longer a Calvinist. ” Part 1, Part2, Part3

Pastor George Zeller writes about the danger of teaching that Christ died only for the elect.

Calvinist Roy Orlund writes about placing love of brethren ahead of doctrinal distinctives. “Whatever divides us emotionally from other Bible-believing, Christ-honoring Christians is a “plus” we’re adding to the gospel. ” HT: Seeking Disciple

Who were the Sadducees? Here is a nice little overview by Ken Schenk.

Blogger Jonathan Robinson explains what is wrong with TULIP.


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Interesting Links – 10/03/09

All Arminius, all month! William Birch will be recognizing the work of Arminius on his blog Classical Arminianism. October 19, 2009 marks the 400th anniversary of the death of Jacob Arminius.

Calvinist Joshua is becoming increasingly appalled at the behavior of Calvinists on the web.

On the same note, Ryan D. McConnell writes a letter to his Reformed brothers. “Be familiar with the work of Classical Arminians…how can you accurately discuss theology with an opposing theological camp if you don’t know what they actually believe?”

Thomas Twitchell states that Southern Baptists will lose the inerrancy war because of Armininans low view of scripture.

Does the Calvinist concept of providence originate from Islam? Blogger Diana West thinks so, She refers to a book that documents Islams’ influence on the West. She also notes that tulips come from Turkey. Who knew?

C. Michael Patton tackles the question: Should a Calvinist marry an Arminian? The obvious answer is, “only if he’s destined to”.

Southern Baptist Robin Foster officially resigns from being a Calvinist. HT: William Birch

Why do Reformed churches serve “deplorably tiny portions of Communion bread and wine”? This blogger speculates.

Move aside Greg Boyd and Babe Ruth. Mariners announcer Mike Blowers provides proof that there is such a thing as divine foreknowledge. Well, maybe not divine, but still unbelievable.


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Interesting Links – 9/19/09

This month’s Christianity Today has some articles by Arminians in praise of John Calvin (yes, you read that right). Man of the Bible: What Calvin gets Right, by Ben Witherington. Theologian of the Spirit, by Roger Olson.

This pastor hates Obama, and preached a sermon on why he wishes the president dead. Although the article doesn’t state it, I’m going to go way out on a limb and guess that the good reverend is not an Arminian. [update 10-2-09 : the pastor is NOT a Calvinist, although probably not an Arminian either: link – thanks to Rev for pointing this out]

Tim Challies has an article about his visit to Saddleback Church. He attended a service and met with Rick Warren for about 30 minutes.

Ben Witherington previews the NIV 2011.

Calvinist witnessing and Arminian witnessing. If you haven’t already seen these clips, they’re pretty funny. The Calvinist witnessing one is better of course. :)


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Interesting Links – 9/5/09

The NIV and TNIV are going away. A new NIV will be out in 2011. Christianity Today has an explanation here. Scot McKnight has a different explanation here. (HT: William Birch).

The blog “Truth is a Man” has an excellent post entitled: Molinism is not Open Theism: A Critique of Dr. McMahon’s Assessment. He refers to a piece written by high Calvinist C.M. McMahon. McMahon also claims that Arminianism is “a deceiving doctrine of demons wrought up from the pit of hell”.

Oldenbarnevelt the ship (Netherlands: 1930-1963). The cruise ship was named after the well known Remonstrant, and also carried troops for the Dutch during WWII. Oldenbarnevelt the person is perhaps best known for being beheaded after the Synod of Dort.

Blogger Churchmouse has an interesting article on the history of Calvinism in the West.

Need a funny Arminian phone message? Check out Bob Passantino’s Supercalvinisticexpialidocious Link is in the middle of the page (HT: Bob from SEA)


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