Calvinism Explained in 10 Minutes – Greg Boyd

Here’s a nice concise presentation by Greg Boyd on the differences between Calvinism and Arminianim.  HT: Society of Evangelical Arminians


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7 responses to “Calvinism Explained in 10 Minutes – Greg Boyd

  1. Adrian


    The first 2 mins were about Calvinism from a -ve point of view but didn’t attempt at all to show the full spectrum of what Calvinists believe and the myriad of Scriptures used to support that understanding of God and His purposes.

    Then 8 mins on what Greg believes, and he has “Scriptures” to support his beliefs didn’t he, unlike those Calvinists.

    So “Explained” is probably not the correct word to use here.

    But then (attempt at humour – with a U), explained means explained :-)

  2. Anna

    I once heard (from a Calvinistic viewpoint) that it is arrogant to think that we can choose Salvation.
    I guess thinking that you are chosen personally by God for Salvation is not arrogant?

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