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Theological Limerick

Can you come up with a good theologically based limerick?

Here’s my attempt:

There was a professor from Leiden,
who’s view of atonement did widen.
His friends went to Dort.
Their speech was cut short.
A sham legal court chose to try them.


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Nice Story and Christian Example

Have you ever read a feel-good newspaper report and had the gut instinct that the person described in the article was a follower of Jesus? That’s the way I felt when reading this story about a person named Larry Powell: School Superintendent Gives Up $800k in Pay.

The article doesn’t focus on the man’s faith, it mentions other things – his integrity, his generosity,  his efforts to stop bullying, and his desire to increase respect of governmental institutions.  Something mentioned in passing at the end of the article gives away that he’s a Christian.  But that was apparent already.

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Ask a Calvinist – Justin Taylor

Have a question for Justin Taylor? Ask it here [Rachel Held Evans blog]. There are some good questions already, and it will be interesting to see Justin’s responses.

[Update 9-8-11: Justin’s response can be found HERE]


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One Year Anniversary on WordPress

I have been blogging with wordpress now for one year!  Actually it has been a year and four days, but I didn’t remember on the actual day.  Fortunately this is an anniversary that I won’t get in trouble for forgetting. :)  Moving from Blogspot was a pain, but definitely worth it.

I’m a stats nerd, and pay attention to how many hits the blog gets.  Here’s the breakdown:

31413 hits
85 hits a day average
Biggest referrer: Society of Evangelical Arminians
Biggest blog referrer: Arminian Today
Busiest day: 831 hits (May 20, 2011 – Harold Camping post)
Top viewed posts:
1: Top 10 Reasons the World Won’t End on May 21, 2011
2: Questions for Calvinists
3: The Meaning of the Christian Fish – ΙΧΘΥΣ
4: Paintings of Jesus by Warner Sallman
5: Women are Called to Preach – Part 1
6: Calvin and Hobbes on Fatlaism
7: Differences in Calvinism and Arminianism
8: The Hardening of Pharaoh’s Heart
9: Stuff Liberal Christians Like
10: Inclusivism: Myths and Realities

Thanks to those of you who follow the blog.  I hope to post more consistently in year two, but probably won’t. :)


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