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Yard Sale Find – MacArthur Commentaries

I went yard saling today and snagged 17 volumes of John MacArthur’s New Testament Commentary series.  Total price: $10.  These bad boys are about $15 each on Amazon.  That kind of deal is almost enough to make me a Calvinist.  Almost. :)  I passed them on to a family member who will appreciate them more.


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Comparing Wesleyan Arminianism and Reformed Arminianism

Billy Birch over at The Arminian has put together a nice post that compares and contrasts Wesleyan Arminianism with Reformed (or Classical) Arminianism.  You can find it here: Demarcating Wesleyan-Arminianism and Reformed Arminianism.

I did a somewhat similar post a while back, available here: A Comparison of Wesleyanism and Classical Arminianism.

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