David Pawson’s Free MP3 Library

UK preacher David Pawson now has a website up where all of his sermons can be downloaded for free.  There are tons and tons of mp3s available.  If you’re looking for a good source of Arminian audio, this is the jackpot.

Site here: DavidPawson.org

Pawson includes a lot of historical facts in his presentations, which I enjoy.  He comes from a conservative/charismatic/Wesleyan view.  He has done expository preaching on almost every book of the Bible.

Interesting fact: Pawson is a direct descendent of John Pawson, a friend of John Wesley, and one of the first Methodist preachers.


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16 responses to “David Pawson’s Free MP3 Library

  1. Thanks for that Kevin. An excellent resource.

  2. Apologies if this appears several times. You can delete them. WordPress being annoying!

    Can you please email me? can’t find your address. Cheers

  3. Ronald Gobina

    I have been a hunter for David Pawson material for years now. Every material I have stumbled upon be it audio, video or books were no different from treasures found. He remains my favorite Bible Teacher and this online resource – forgive me for saying – is still unbelievable. I know I should thank Heavenly Father but it is my pleasure to thank David Pawson too. Thank you David.

    Ronald M.G
    Cameroon, Central Africa

  4. Sigurd

    I found no Mp3’s on this site (davidpawson.org) only mp4’s. I have low bandwith and the smaller the file – the better. Any direct link / URL that could help me find David’s Mp3- files? Great teacher btw.


  5. Bethany

    Just wanted to make a comment about the MP3s from david.pawson.org. They are not true MP3 files that can be downloaded for an MP3 player – it ends up being a blank file. They are only links or pathways that will find the original site when played on your computer when it is connected to the internet.

    Otherwise brilliant teacher! Thanks be to God that David honoured His call.

    • Thanks for stopping by Bethany. I was able to save the mp3 files to my player. Here’s how to:

      Firefox: right click the “download mp3” link, and then select “save link as”.

      Internet Explorer: right click the “download mp3” link, and then select “save target as”

      Hope that helps. :)

  6. I recall David Pawson giving a talk where he mentioned that someone once asked him: “David – are you a Calvinist or an Arminian, I can’t quite work it out?” David P’s reply was:”I’m both!”

  7. apparently the offer is no longer available. I hope the site is only temporarily blocked

  8. Muhamad Bashiru

    i have never known David pawson except through my Father Dr. ronald gobina. he gave me a wonderful teaching by david pawson on the challanges of christianity (islam). i have never seen a bible teacher with such an insight…i was soo blessed. i pray for more blessingz in your life and more grace

  9. manuel soroaster c. gatchalian

    Thank you for the free resources i can use it in my teaching in the bible school here in the Philippines

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