Welcome to Wesleyan Arminain at WordPress!

Well, I decided to make the big move to WordPress.  If you follow the blog, please update your bookmarks and feeds!

All of the posts from blogspot have been imported, although I’ve noticed that the formatting is messed up on some of them.

I hope to get all of my side links moved over eventually, to maintain some of the look and feel of the old blog.  I actually prefer some of the options of blogspot, but have become increasingly frustrated with the comment moderation options there.  The old blog will stay up (to help with link backs, etc).

Let me know what you think, and thanks for stopping by!


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6 responses to “Welcome to Wesleyan Arminain at WordPress!

  1. Blogspot offers more freedom with the widgets but the commenting trade-off is worth it. Looking at the sidebar on your old blog it doesn’t seem like you’ll be losing too much over here. Just the Youtube video, the Follwers, and the Widgetbox.

  2. Oh, finally, Kevin — thank goodness! I had such a hard (and unsuccessful) time getting a favourable comment to you several days ago!! (Blogger blogs wouldn’t allow WordPress / Open ID.) If you missed it, my response is here:


  3. It’s worth it overall. And they take care of the spam better here on wordpress!

  4. Meh, I still prefer Blogger, but I can live with WP. Heck, whichever platform makes you more productive is the best one IMO.

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