Search Queries

Here are some of the more interesting search queries that have lead people to this blog. (My comments are in italics)

arminians don’t like to be called fundamentalists (True enough)
are all the tenth avenue north boys married?
are muslims allowed to touch a pig?
arminians burn stake (I hope they mean Arminians burn steak)
c.s. lewis calvinist quotes (good luck on that one)
calvinists vs arminians football audio
can an egyptian touch a pig (what is it with pigs?)
can demons be sent to the pit now?
catholic saints with name reed, jackson, or jack
cool arminian
does romans 9 talk about israel
frankenstein vs. bible
green baggins enns (tricksy hobbitses!)
indiana wesleyan greek witherington blog (sounds interesting!)
iranian arminian news (it’s nice to see someone misspell Armenian)
is wesleyan arminianism heresy (I hope not)
jesus brings the pizza painting
john piper is an idiot (Piper is a lot of things, idiot is not one of them)
quotes with the word felicitous in it (I have one in mind)
slave owners preached eternal security (really?)
swine flu pizza substitition
what is samantha jones saying to richard (several queries for “samantha jones”, odd.)
where is peter enns now? (Where is Waldo now?)
why arminians are idiots (Because God decreed it?)


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5 responses to “Search Queries

  1. How do you know about these?

  2. Hi Martin, I installed "google analytics" a while back. It's free, easy to set up, and gives all sorts of interesting statistics.

  3. Well I guess it's flattering that the search "cool arminian" came to your website.

  4. Hi Kevin,Those are some good ones. I liked :arminians burn stake (I hope they mean Arminians burn steak).I had a visit from Arminian underwear that made me question what I was blogging about. :-)God be with you,Dan

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