Hitler Finds out Arminian Theology is True

So I did one of those Hitler finds out videos. Hope you enjoy it. :)

Note: There is a typo where Hitler says “closet Catholics”. But I don’t want to redo the video or it will kill the original link on YouTube.


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27 responses to “Hitler Finds out Arminian Theology is True

  1. The funniest line: “And closet Catholics”.

    At end it says “uncheck”, should this be “unchecked”?

  2. nicely done. I like the bit about choosing a shirt means God isn’t in control any more. Never understood that line of reasoning.

  3. “I could have been an artist!” LOL

    (nice how you snuck in that little known fact)

  4. I haven’t been following this blog long, and am sorry my first comment is one of rebuke, since I actually first discovered it through the humorous post of Calvinist Christmas cards. I’m not familiar with the “Hitler finds out” meme/trope, but am certain it would be offensive to some of my Jewish (and Romani) friends who find themselves frequently battling the mitigation of the Holocaust. Perhaps the most important reason I am an Arminian
    is because — unlike Calvinism — Arminianism does not belittle the horror and suffering man has perpetrated. Frankly, I think a simplistic “hypothetical history” portrayal of one so cruel as Hitler — with a primary purpose of humor — does just that. I pray my words will be received in the spirit of charity with which they are given.

    • Hi Lit-Las, The Hitler meme is actually pretty big thing. For example do a search for “Hitler finds out there is no Santa”, or “Hitler finds out Chuck Norris is Coming”. There are some pretty funny ones.

      But anyway, thanks for your comment. I can appreciate your point, and am sorry you didn’t find it in good taste.

  5. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha . . . hahahahahahahahahahahaha . . . wow . . . and the ellipses were moments of catching my breath. :^)

  6. Drew

    I have followed your blog for some time and never cease to learn from the articles you post. That being said, I giggled like a schoolgirl at the line “Heresy! Read more John Piper.” In fact that was the second time I watched this video. Classic. And thank you for your candor in dealing with this current stream of Neo-Calvinist thought. I hope many more blogs such as this one emerge.

  7. As a Calvinist, I liked this. I found the line “And Calvin was German, not French” very hilarious.

  8. Unfortunately “Hitler” made a major theological blue at 1:13 when he said “I thought my actions were decreed by fate!” That would make him a hyper-Calvinist. Unfortunately as most Arminians have never taken the time to understand Calvinism …..

    • Hitler also made a blunder when he said Calvin was German, not French. But you missed that one. ;)

      • Years ago the local newspaper editor had an intentional agenda against sexual perverts so I forwarded him details of a magazine article suggesting that one way to get access to young girls was to get a gardening job at a girls high school. Thing is he said he couldn’t do much about it because it was published under the banner of “humour”.

        And so here. It’s fun and it’s satire but as most people who have been raised under Arminian theology have no idea of what Calvinism teaches they’d be inclined to believe that the statement is true.

        In another thread (https://wesleyanarminian.wordpress.com/2013/12/27/how-can-a-dead-person-believe-unless-god-makes-him-alive/) it is said “Being spiritually dead does not mean that we are corpses that have no spirit and make no decisions, as the Calvinist implies” and one of the replies is “Excellent article on the Arminian view of depravity as contrasted with the Calvinist view”. Sorry it’s not an excellent article because the quoted statement is incorrect.

        Irrespective of which of the two views is correct it’s dishonest to present an incorrect view of the other side especially to people who are relying on you for correct information. The satire here is reinforcing the incorrect information presented elsewhere which honestly is unfair to your readers.

      • Well, I disagree that the video needs to include a nuanced explanation of Calvinism. I included the line about “fate” because it fit the context well. Whatever Hitler said in German (which I don’t speak) sounded a lot like the word “fate”. It’s supposed to be funny, not a dissertation. That’s the nature of humor, it’s an exaggeration by nature. The Calvinist commenter above you liked it well enough.

        Regarding the other post – Calvinists frequently use the line about being dead in sin as being the same as being a lifeless corpse. James White does it all the time. And here’s an example from George Whitefield. So I think it is accurate, even if you don’t care for my explanation of it. I do try to be accurate in the serious posts. Of course it’s hard to please all Calvinists, and I rarely do. :)

    • Joe Cason

      I wonder if all those Protestant Christians before John Wesley who burned to death would also find this to be funny:) What a laugh! Modern America, Just LABEL IT, don’t study it. More bumper sticker Theology.

  9. My bad. Don’t know the history here or the original text in the video so better pull me head in for a while :-)

    Thanks for the link though, it’s a brilliant, clear explanation of how a spirit dead in sin can do nothing just like the dead Lazarus “till that same Jesus, who said; take away the stone” and cried “Lazarus, come forth,” also quicken you. This is grace, graciously offered, and grace graciously applied”.

    Oh, I presume you understand that Whitefield was talking about your spirit “being dead in sin as being the same as being a lifeless corpse” not your body or your mind or your will?

  10. That’s cute. Some friends have done similar riffs with that clip.

    I know some Calvinists would object to the line about fate saying that’s Hypercalvinism. However, Calvinist predestination is more akin to the Greek idea of fate than biblical predestination, Hypercalvinism or no.

    I really liked the one about Hitler finding out that the allies have deployed Chuck Norris.

    • Thanks. Yeah, the “fate” line isn’t really fair. Whatever was said in German there sounded like the word, so it fit phonetically. :)

    • Googled “biblical predestination” and found Calvinists sites. Where is “biblical predestination” explained / defined in the Bible Quartermaster?

      • I’ve never been called “Quartermaster” before. :)

        “Predestination Calmly Considered”, and “Free Grace” by John Wesley are good ones. Also check out the SEA website’s articles on predestination here

        There are two Arminian views on the topic. Predestination according to foreknowledge (God predestines those who he knows will believe), and corporate election (Christ is the predestined one, those who believe are corporately elected in him). I hold to the latter view. Corporate election is not about God choosing certain individuals, but rather about him choosing the group of individuals who trust in Christ. For a detailed explanation of the view see here. Hope that helps and God bless. :)

  11. You still haven’t been called Quartermaster (see post above yours).

    The software seems to be random on where replies go and where it puts a reply link (there was none to your last post)

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