Calvinist Christmas Songs – Humor

Some of these are mine, but most are stolen from the twitter hash  #CalvinistChristmasSongs.


Joy to the Elect

Deck the Shelves With Books by Piper

Good Christian Men Read Boice

Oh Come All Ye Chosen

Servetus Roasting on an Open Fire

All I want for Christmas is my ESV

I Saw Edwards Dissing Santa Claus

Last Christmas You Gave You My Heart

Grandma Got Run Over Because It Was Predestined

I’m Dreaming of a James White Christmas

Little Driscoll Boy

“He’s making a list, checking it twice, gunna decide who’s naughty and nice.”

Have Yourself a Merry Little Conference (for MacArthur fans)



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3 responses to “Calvinist Christmas Songs – Humor

  1. The penultimate line is the best!

  2. Norm

    I was raised in the Wesleyan Arminian movement. I now attend a Baptist church where the pastor says you can’t go to far Arminian or to far Calvin because truth is somewhere in between. I would just like to give the comment from Mark Dever that truly sums it up. “The real front line is not between Calvinist evangelicals and Arminian evangelicals. It is between those who are lost in their sins and those who have been saved by God’s sheer grace in Christ.”

    • Have to agree Norm.

      I wonder how different the world would be if the church had spent it’s time trying to reach the lost rather than criticizing other redeemed folk for preferring vanilla ice cream over chocolate (for want of a better example)?

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