Six Hundred Seventy Seven Dollars

This is a personal and factual account of how God provided for me when I was in college.

It was March of 1993.  I was finishing up the winter trimester of my senior year at Northwest Nazarene College.  To help pay for classes that term, I had taken out a short term loan from the college credit union.  It was the end of the term, and I still owed $677 on the loan.  The college financial aid office had sent me a note that stated I would not be permitted to register for the next term until I paid off the outstanding balance on the loan.

I didn’t have much money, and had exhausted my options.  I had checked for additional scholarships, and found none.  I had approached my parents about assistance, but finances were too tight for them at the time.  I was working 20 hours a week in the college cafeteria, but my earnings were already applied to the loan.  90% of the earnings went to the loan, and 10% went to me personally.  The last check from the job had already been applied, and I still owed $677.  I only had a check for about $28 – that was the 10%  that went straight to me from the job.  I was out of resources, and thought I would have to drop out of school.

I went to God in prayer.  I prayed: God, if You want me to go home for the rest of the year, that’s okay.  But if You want me to stay in school, I need a miracle.  Would You please give me a miracle?

A miracle came.  In three parts.

The next day I went to the college financial aid office to see if I had any additional options.  They told me that I no longer owed $677, I only owed $177!  Just that morning I had received a $500 scholarship from the music department.  I sang in Crusader Choir.  I found out later that the music department had found some extra money in their budget, and had decided to apply it to scholarships for students in need.

Then I went to my mailbox.  In the mailbox were two envelopes.

The first envelope was an anonymous money order.  It was for $100.  In the memo line was a note that said, “Trust in Him.”

The second envelope had a note and a check for $50.  It was from a gentleman at my home church.  His name was Ron Clary.  His note said something along the lines of “I thought you could perhaps use a little money for school this term, here you go.”  Ron had no knowledge of my need, and had sent the letter before I had prayed.

So, if you’ve been keeping track, I owed $677.  In one day – the day after I had prayed for a miracle –  I received a scholarship for $500,  an anonymous check for $100, and  a check for $50.  And the day earlier from my college job I had received a check for $28.  That equals $678, and I owed $677.  I had a dollar and some change left after paying my loan off in full.

God provided for me the amount I needed, and He wisely allowed me to participate in His miracle with the little bit of money that I did have.

I’m glad I was able to register for the following term, because I proposed to my future wife during that term.  She said yes, and we married in the fall of 1993.

This really happened.  God’s miraculous workings in my life haven’t always been obvious.  But that day they were.  Oftentimes I walk though the desert, and I do not sense God’s spirit clearly.  During those times, I remember the miracle He did for me in 1993.



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10 responses to “Six Hundred Seventy Seven Dollars

  1. What a great story. I’m so glad you posted this; it greatly encouraged me this afternoon, brother!

  2. Thanks for sharing this. My faith in God’s provision is increased :-)

  3. Ted

    don’t leave us hanging! what did you do with the leftover dollar??

  4. Hi Kevin, Do you mind if I give a link to this wonderful testimony on my blog?


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  6. stephenwinters

    Wow, God forgot to send you enough for the tithe! I’m shocked. ;-)

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