Good Article About the “Concerned Nazarene” Movement

The Holiness Today magazine has a good article by by Kevin Ulmet who expresses some misgivings about the “Concerned Nazarene” movement.  For those outside the Nazarene church, this is a movement inside the denomination to make the church more reformed and baptist in doctrine.  The article can be found here: I Am a Concerned Nazarene.

From the article:

I am concerned that our precious Articles of Faith, those 16 grand biblical statements of doctrine based directly on Scripture, and our Wesleyan-Arminian and Holiness Movement history that have guided us well for over a century are under attack. Not from those outside our Christian faith, but from those inside.

These are people who believe we have been and desire us to be again who we never have been—a church in the Fundamentalist/Reformed tradition or at least the spirit and tactics thereof. John Wesley, Phoebe Palmer, H. Orton Wiley, and William Greathouse would blanch in concern today if they knew the insidious theological and ecclesiastical battle going on through the Internet, driven by categorization, guilt-by-association, and “gotcha” tactics that more represent radical politics than anything remotely biblical, Christian, or certainly holiness.



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7 responses to “Good Article About the “Concerned Nazarene” Movement

  1. drwayman

    Kevin – I read this yesterday and thought that it presented the situation very well. There has been a rebuttal published as well. The rebuttal is longer and not very encouraging…

  2. LexCro

    Time out. Are you serious? There’s an attempt from within the Nazarene church to bring it in line with neo-Reformed stuff? Dale or Kevin: Where is the rebuttal? I’ve got to check this out.

  3. To be plain: the “once saved, always saved” gang have infiltgrated the Nazarenes. It is a dangerous false teaching. It is taking many to hell. Beware.

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