The Asbury Revival of 1970

An account of the Asbury Revival of 1970.  37 minutes long, and well worth watching.  Pray that God will do something in our day too.

“A format had developed, it started in that opening chapel.  A student would give his witness. He would tell about how God was dealing with him about sin in his life.  He’d make his confession, and then he would tell about how God had brought forgiveness to him, and restoration, or how the need of his heart had been met – his spiritual need.  As he would speak, there would be somebody in the audience who would say “that’s like me”.  And then that person would come under conviction, and come forward and kneel at the alter. So a pattern had been developed, of testimony, of sharing, then after the testimony  – prayer.   And after the prayer singing and praise and adoration and then more witnessing, sharing, of how God had met human need…I heard these students sharing what God was doing in their hearts, and how their lives were being cleaned out.  And God was restoring them if they had known him before, or else they they were telling for the first time they had found him.  And how relationships were being straightened out.”

“Now that was the kind of thing that was taking place. An honest candid dealing with person sin, and with personal disobedience and personal problems.”

“Things that were simply tradition became reality.  Things that were simply vocabulary became human experience.  And what had been transmitted from head to head now suddenly became living reality in people’s hearts.”

“It was interesting to me what the emphasis was of the Holy Spirit in those days.  There was an amazing openness and transparency…It was amazing the restraint of the Holy Spirit.  The emphasis was never on the gifts of the Spirit…The emphasis was upon sin the need for repentance, the need for restitution, the need for repairing relationships human being to human being, and the need the need for bringing a life into obedience to the highest and the best.”



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2 responses to “The Asbury Revival of 1970

  1. Thanks for posting this. My brother came to Christ indirectly through the Asbury Revival. A team came from the college to the church we were attending at the time. He responded to the invitation during the evening service. So many people came that night, we didn’t realize that he was up there praying. But, in the months that followed we observed a profound change in his life. I attended Asbury Theological Seminary in the years just after the Asbury Revival (which was centered in the college) and many people there spoke of it as a very fresh memory.

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