What if Santa Were a Calvinist? (humor)

Apparently Santa has been reading too much Calvinist literature, and now it’s rubbing off on his elves. Check out Martin Glynn’s post here. :)



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3 responses to “What if Santa Were a Calvinist? (humor)

  1. Hi Kevin. I found this quote from Moreland. Haven’t found the Wesley source via search engines. Have you come across something similar? Cheers.

    John Wesley said when he was told that there are a handful of things a minister must know in order to be a servant of Jesus Christ: How to share his faith, how to study the Bible very carefully, how to get his prayers answered, and fourth and finally, philosophy.

  2. Hi Bethyada, I’ve never heard a quote specifically like that attributed to Wesley. But he did address each of those ideas in different places.

    He believed in sharing his faith (being an evangelist). He studied the Bible carefully (see this post). He was big on prayer, once saying “God will do nothing but in answer to prayer” . He didn’t talk too much directly about philosophy, but did value logical thinking. I remember reading somewhere that he also highly regarded the writings of John Locke.

    All that to say he certainly could of said something like that, it’s not inconsistent with his thought, But I’ve never run across that particular quote.

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