Prison Ministry Observations

The past few months I’ve had the opportunity to participate in a local prison ministry.  Here’s some stuff that happens at the prison service that is cool:

  • There’s lots of preaching about grace.  Prisoners know that they need God’s grace.  It’s their only hope.  It’s our only hope too.
  • The power of Jesus Christ is boldly declared. Jesus redeems, he saves, he delivers from bondage to sin. Prisoners believe it.
  • The audience really wants to be at the service. They are excited to praise God, and they look forward fellowship with others.  For many of them, it is the highlight of their week.
  • The audience is diverse.  Both theologically and racially.
  • Baptisms happen pretty regularly.
  • I also find it easy to be bold in that environment.  It’s hard to share my testimony with a co-worker.  But it’s easier to share with a prisoner.  I don’t quite understand why that’s the case, but it is.


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4 responses to “Prison Ministry Observations

  1. Funny, I find preaching in Spanish the same. I can preach in Spanish all day … a lot harder to do it in English.

  2. I had a friend of mine who worked with homeless people and he preached to them every Tuesday night at a mission that slept about 100 homeless people. I went with him once and asked him, “Do you preach on salvation every time?” He said he didn’t. He said the cool thing about preaching to desperate people who know that they are in sin and need a Savior is that you can preach on just about anything and it applies from salvation to money to just Christian doctrines in general. I think the same is true in my experience in prison ministry which I haven’t done now in some time but need to.

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