Theological Limerick

Can you come up with a good theologically based limerick?

Here’s my attempt:

There was a professor from Leiden,
who’s view of atonement did widen.
His friends went to Dort.
Their speech was cut short.
A sham legal court chose to try them.



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9 responses to “Theological Limerick

  1. There once was a saint from Hippo
    Calvin thot he taught non-elect get zippo
    When in reality for all that it’s worth
    All information in its complete dearth
    Show the saint struggled with concupiscential

  2. slw

    Man should love God and read the Bible
    but he’s willful and stubborn and isn’t liable
    Lest all should be lost
    and naught made of the cross
    God picks some to succumb then makes them pliable.

    (From a Calvinistic perspective, of course)

  3. This one I found on the internet:

    There once was John Calvin from France
    Who thought God left nothing to chance
    From virtue to sin
    A control freak wherein
    He determined all things in advance

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