Ask a Calvinist – Justin Taylor

Have a question for Justin Taylor? Ask it here [Rachel Held Evans blog]. There are some good questions already, and it will be interesting to see Justin’s responses.

[Update 9-8-11: Justin’s response can be found HERE]



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2 responses to “Ask a Calvinist – Justin Taylor

  1. Be interesting to see what questions she allows. I read the questions/answers for the Mormon and she gave her very soft questions. She avoided giving her questions, other than the archeological issue and the Book of Mormon, that would make Mormonism to be appear to be what it is: a heretical cult.

    • I didn’t even care to read the “Ask a Mormon”. I hear enough about Mormonism as it is around here. :) Southeastern Washington is (guessing) 10% LDS, including 3 of 8 in my group at work.

      My guess is that Justin won’t get it so easy. :)

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