Come Home – by Heidi Jackson

A song by my daughter Heidi. There’s some pretty good Arminian theology in there.  :)

Verse 1
Look at your reflection on the wall
Look at your reflection in the mirror
This is who you are. This is you.
This is the one God has chosen
This is the one God loves
God loves you, God loves everyone

Pre Chorus
And if you want to be forgiven,
forgiven of all your sins
Then you can ask to be forgiven
‘Cause you know the answer is
Yes! Yes! Yes!
So come home. Come as you are
Come Home, comes as you are
God doesn’t care what you have done
So come home

Verse 2
Don’t look back at what you may have done.
Don’t look back at what you have done wrong.
That’s not who you are, that’s not you.
God is always waiting for you
God will not stop loving you.
God loves you, God loves everyone.



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7 responses to “Come Home – by Heidi Jackson

  1. Gary Bisaga

    Nice, although there’s nothing specifically Arminian about the theology. Anyone who wants to be forgiven will be. That’s just good theology, period.

  2. Gary Bisaga

    Actually, upon second reading, we Calvinists would agree except for the line “This is the one God has chosen” if it implies that every single individual has been chosen. Also, though I wouldn’t phrase it “God is always waiting for you” because it could imply a God far too reactive, there’s a sense in which we’d agree. So I guess I’d call it decent theology with an Arminian slant.

    The rest of the song, however, is squarely Calvinist as well, as I wish more Arminians would realize. Nelson Price’s wretched “bus stop analogy” comes to mind, as described here:

  3. I’m sure you are very proud Kevin. I was blessed!

  4. What a sweet voice! I vote Arminian due to the language you’ve pointed out: “God loves you, God loves everyone.”

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