Brian McLaren Likes Francis Schaeffer

Looks like McLaren is a Schaeffer fan.  Who knew?  And I agree with him that Mark Driscoll is a bully.

Article (Washington Post)

When I was a young evangelical Christian coming of age back in the early 1970’s, I remember feeling that there were two paths before me. One was legalistic, anti-intellectual, combative, and rigid. The other was missional rather than legalistic, reflective rather than anti-intellectual, communicative rather than combative, and supple rather than rigid.

I chose the latter path – represented by an array of figures and organizations from C. S. Lewis to Francis Schaeffer to John Stott, and from InterVarsity Christian Fellowship to the Jesus Movement to Evangelicals for Social Action to Sojourners.”

On a somewhat related note, Frank Junior is a bully too.


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One response to “Brian McLaren Likes Francis Schaeffer

  1. How sad that both McLaren and Schaeffer Jr. have not followed the theological heritage of Francis Schaeffer albeit he was a Calvinist. Schaeffer was a godly man.

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