A Quick Evidence of the Trinity

One evidence of the Trinity is how the parties treat each other differently than they treat themselves.  This supports their distinct person-hood.

An example of this is how Jesus did not defend himself, but did defend the Father.  When Jesus was personally insulted, he “turned the cheek” (Isaiah 53:7, Matthew 27:14).  However, when his Father was insulted, Jesus’ response was anger and action (John 2:13-17).



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5 responses to “A Quick Evidence of the Trinity

  1. Kevin, I enjoy this blog but am not a Trinitarian. It seems your first paragraph presupposes, in the first place, that multiple persons are distinct. So, far you have not established that from any one text of Scripture. Nor what you might mean by “person”. Your second paragraph simply points to the Incarnation. God, in time, took the form of a servant. Jesus also said that the Father is greater and that there was some information he didn’t seem to know. Yet, Jesus also heals, saves, and forgives sin which only God can do. The ontological identity of Jesus is indeed Yahweh. As the OT anticipates, God comes. He is Jesus.

    • Hi James, thanks for the comment. It wasn’t my intent to provide an exhaustive case for the Trinity. ;) Just to make an observation – Jesus didn’t defend himself, but did defend his father.

  2. Aaran

    So you’re saying it’s like the way a lot if people have the mentality of ‘say what you will about me but don’t talk about my mama’ or kids, or husband ….whoever in the family ?

  3. Todd

    I have way more problems with the “Trinity” than Arminian/Calvinisam and really glad it doesn’t come up much here.

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