Arminian Audio: Symposium at Andrews University

Andrews University recently held a conference on Arminian theology, and the audio from the conference is available online.  Link here: 2010 Arminianism Symposium – Andrews University, MI.  Andrew’s is Adventist, so some of the material is related to concerns specific to the Adventist movement (which I do not necessarily agree with).

Here are some of the presentations that sound interesting:

  • Hans LaRondelle: Divine Election and Predestination: A Biblical Perspective (link)
  • Roger Olson: Arminianism as God-centered Theology (link)
  • Jacques B. Doukhan: Fate or Destiny: The Issue of Predestination and Free Will in Hebrew (OT) and Jewish Thought (link)
  • Kenley Hall: The Great Awakening—Calvinism, Arminianism and Revivalistic Preaching—Homiletical Lessons for Today (link)
  • Skip MacCarty: The Heart of Him Who Hardens Hearts (link)
  • John C. Peckham: The Conditionality and Unconditionality of Divine Love: A Brief Consideration of the Relationship between Love and Election in the Old Testament (link)
  • Barry Callen: Soteriological Synergism and Its Surrounding Seductions (link)
  • Hans LaRondelle: Paul’s Hope For All Israel: Romans 9-11 (link)
  • Jiří Moskala: Calvin’s Teaching on Double Predestination in Light of the Biblical Message (link)
  • Roger Olson: Arminian Theology as Evangelical Theology (link)
  • Keith Stanglin: Assurance of Salvation: An Arminian Account (link)

(HT: Steve Noel)


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