Yard Sale Find – MacArthur Commentaries

I went yard saling today and snagged 17 volumes of John MacArthur’s New Testament Commentary series.  Total price: $10.  These bad boys are about $15 each on Amazon.  That kind of deal is almost enough to make me a Calvinist.  Almost. :)  I passed them on to a family member who will appreciate them more.



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7 responses to “Yard Sale Find – MacArthur Commentaries

  1. Wow what a deal! I once got Matthew Henry’s complete commentaries for about the same price!

  2. Wow! Hubby and I like the John MacArthur commentaries and we are in the process of buying them little by little. I would have loved to have scored such a deal!

  3. Drew

    If you believe that Calvinism is false (as I do) then why would you pass them on to anyone? Just wondering.

  4. Drew

    Sorry, don’t mean to be annoying about this, I agree that blood is important. However, the differnece between Calvinistic doctrine and Armininian doctrine is sooo BIG (As I’m sure you understand) that I look at it as more than just a theological preference. Just to make one point concerning this issue: If you and I are correct in our non-calvinistic doctrine in saying that Christ died for every person (As I think the scripture is very clear on), and the Calvinist says he only died for the elect, well that’s a pretty big deal! I think it matter’s ALOT to God, and I don’t think he is indifferent on the subject. Surelly he care’s and is not pleased with the fact that some people are saying that Christ only shed his blood for some if in fact he shed it for all. And that’s just one issue! You were just trying to do something nice for your brother, I understand, but the truth concerning the blood of Christ is more important than the blood between you and your brother. When I read a bad book that I believe is filled with false teaching I don’t hand it on to someone I love. I throw it away or burn it!

  5. EJE

    The issue is …..who is the author and finisher of your salvation? Hebrews 12:2 says HE is the author and finisher of our faith.I do not want to be TAGGED as anything but a Bible believeing Christian who is redeemed,sanctified,justified and glorified by the glorious Lamb of God.By the way Macarthur does believe in the sovereignty of God and the responsibility of man.I have never met a man who was right on everything,but MacArthur is right on most of his teaching and I have gleaned from his writings.I do have is commentaries,but i also have William Barclays works.Does that make me a liberal? Not at all no more than having Wesleys makes me a Methodist.It helps to be well read in order to be an apologist. I also have William Barclays work does that make me a Liberal?Certainly not also have also have Willaim Barclays…..does that make me a liberal ? Not at all no more than having Wesleys makes me a Methodist.Bottom line,can we agree on God as Creator,Jesus virgin birth,His walking among men in the flesh,His Substitionary Atonement,bodily res also have have h have William Barclays does that mean I am a liberal? Knowinfg

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