Trailer for Wesley the Movie

Here’s a new trailer for “Wesley the Movie”. It looks pretty good. The production looks to be about the caliber of Luther.



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4 responses to “Trailer for Wesley the Movie

  1. The production does look good. The first trailer I saw didn't look so hot. Now I'm very interested!

  2. It looks interesting! I have the Luther DVD, and I do like John Wesly……even more than I do Martin Luther. I will most definitely add it to my collection. It would be cool to see how many different supporting characters they have in the film. I saw his brother in the clip. I wonder if they will have Whitefield, his mother and William Law in their as well? Probably not William Law……my ultimate favorite Anglican in that era, but t would be cool to see who they have around him both in his early years as well as later years.Christ is in our Midst!

  3. Wow! I hadn't heard of this!

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