What’s wrong with this picture?

This place is near where I live. Can you find the problem? Hint: Proverbs 22:22



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10 responses to “What’s wrong with this picture?

  1. Yeah, that's it. Why would a Christian run a rip-off loan business? Plus, the fish is pointing the wrong way. :)

  2. What is seriously wrong here is even the existence of a Dominos Pizza (being the pizza snob I am)

  3. Tony-Allen, very true!A.M., Hey now, I used to work for Dominos. :)

  4. I have eaten my share of Dominos … but that was before I acquired a set of culinary skills :)

  5. The ichthys is facing backwards, because the people are backwards in their thinking and actions.

  6. SLW

    And here I thought the issue was getting charged for gas they didn't have the pumps to provide! ;-) Didn't even notice the fishy. Fitting symbol that.

  7. You ought to send the picture to Dave Ramsey!

  8. That's a good idea Andy. :)

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