Patty Thomas – Haiti

Here is a blog with updates about what’s going on in an orphanage in Haiti: Patty Thomas, News and Updates. Patty Thomas is connected to my local church, her two grown boys attend there.

Patty works in an orphanage near Port Au Prince. The orphanage takes care of about 90 children. The orphanage building was not damaged during the recent quake, however, the wall that surrounds it fell down. Given the general lawlessness going on there, it is a high priority to get the wall rebuilt.

The boys John and Todd Thomas will be leaving on Tuesday 1-19-10 to go down there and help out their mom. They will be taking at least one nurse with them. There have been some great things happening in our community related to this. One organization donated a large number of medical supplies, a credit union is raising money, and Home Depot donated building supplies and tools. They will be sending the supplies down with them.

Please keep the orphanage in your prayers! Here is a slide show of Patty and the kids.


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