Arminian Audio – Jack Cottrell

Here is a link to some audio resources by Jack Cottrell. Cottrell is a well known theologian from the Conservative Christian Church / Restoration movement. There is one link entitled “Once in Grace” that is a refutation of eternal security.

[17 Jan 2010, made correction of denomination]

HT: Steve Noel



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7 responses to “Arminian Audio – Jack Cottrell

  1. One note, Jack Cottrell is not from the Churches of Christ. He is in fact from the conservative Christian Churches. The difference is one doesn't allow musical instruments in their services while the other does. I like Jack Cottrell much for his views on inerrancy and infallibility of Scripture and his desire to prove his theology through the Bible above all other sources.

  2. Thanks for the correction, I will update the info.

  3. Actually the churches in our fellowship ("Restoration Movement")use both "Christian church" and "church of Christ" for invidual congregations. It varies a lot by geography. We use instruments yet still use "church of Christ" too. It is confusing to folks who are not in our fellowship (and to some of us too!). Typically "Christian church" is used in the deep South where non-instruental churches of Christ are prevalent. In places like Indiana & Ohio instrumental "churches of Christ" are easy to find.

  4. David, Well, now I'm thoroughly confused. ;) I will check out the link. :)

  5. Haha! It's part of our ongoing strategy as an "undenomination" 8)I'm glad I found your blog. I enjoy Roy's (The Seeking Disciple) blog very much & look forward to learning from yours as well. Grace & peace.

  6. David, thanks for the kind words. I enjoy Roy's blog as well.

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