Interesting Links – 11/01/09

The Spokane Examiner has an article entitled: A Methodist’s Take on Predestination and Free Will. (HT: Wesley Wong)

Richard Coords takes a look at a dissertation that explores the potential Gnostic influence on Augustine’s doctrine of Predestination.

Blogger Josh Taylor has an excellent piece on Justification by Faith.

Calvinist Kevin DeYoung asks: Can God Know Everything and Still Give Us Free Will? Be sure to see Adam O’s comment.

Hyper-Calvinist Bill Parker says Calvinists aren’t saved if they defend Arminians.

Destiny or Free Will? Christianity Today’s Todd Hertz writes about a new ABC TV series that will “explore the nature of destiny and the human condition.”



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4 responses to “Interesting Links – 11/01/09

  1. Thanks for the props Kev. It feels good to be not ignored!

  2. Hi Adam, your response was excellent and to the point! As Arminian said, you dismantled his argument rather quickly. :)

  3. "Hyper-Calvinist Bill Parker says Calvinists aren't saved if they defend Arminians."This is why many who try to excuse and speak peace to those who believe and promote false doctrine are going against God’s clear testimony when they seek to separate the person from the doctrine or claim that one can believe in his heart what he does not know in his head and confess with his mouth. The Bible knows nothing of such self-righteous human reasoning. This is just another evidence of lost sinners making their judgments of saved and lost based on Satan’s lie rather than God’s testimony.Um. Wow. I know Calvinists personally who, while believing firmly in their faith, don't believe anyone's going to hell for Arminianism. I guess they're going to hell for that too :-/

  4. I don't think Adam was ignored. My experience has always been when you stump someone and they have no answer for you, they have to go and research what you put forth. Excellent job by Adam! You get my official..You da man now dog! Sweet!

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