400 Years Since the Death of Arminius

Today marks 400 years since the death of Jacob Arminius. It seems an appropriate day to recognize him because it means that he has been in heaven with the Lord for 400 years!

Here are a some sites that are recognizing the day:

SEA and Classical Arminianism: ARMINIUS 400: The Legacy of Jacob Arminius
Arminian Today: The 400th Anniversary of Arminius’ death
de Remonstranten: Arminius, Arminianism, and Europe. An International Conference
Brennon’s Thoughts: In Memory of Jacob Arminius
The Scriptorium: Arminius the Calvinist
Arminian Chronicles: Arminius’ Impact on Calvinism

Reformed Blogs giving props (Hats off to our Reformed brothers!)
Pilgrim People: How Reformed must a Reformed minister be?
Reformed Insights: Calvinists and This Month of October: Some Opportunities

Know of any other sites recognizing the day? Drop me a comment and I’ll add it!


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4 responses to “400 Years Since the Death of Arminius

  1. Where can I get that "Homeboy" t-shirt. I live in a gang-infested area, and this would sure turn some heads (or send me to the Lord a lot sooner)!

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