You Might be a Calvinist If…

I ran across this list on Tom in the Box, which is pretty good. Billy’s comment was great. Here are a few more. Mostly charitable. :)

You might be a Calvinist if….

You rented King Arthur, and turned if off half way through.

You haven’t actually read The Shack, but have read several books on why it’s heretical.

You got goose bumps on Calvin’s 500th birthday.

Pyromania makes you think of Phil Johnson, not Def Leppard.

You can decipher this code: 29:29, 21:1, 6:37, 6:43, 10:26, 8:30, 9:20, 1:4, 2:8

You found the error.

It irritates you when someone says the solas in English.

You added the unreached people widget to your blog, to head off Arminians at the pass.

When someone mentions New Zealand, the first thing you think of is particular redemption.

You hate rap, but listen to Lecrae because his lyrics are so good.

You have a plaque commemorating the Synod of Dort.

You’re biggest complaint about John MacArthur is that he doesn’t use the ESV.

You’ve come up with a working theory on how the Holocaust gives God glory.

You’ve considered moving to Minneapolis.

You initially didn’t get the King Arthur reference, but looked it up and now strongly agree.



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10 responses to “You Might be a Calvinist If…

  1. If you have ever said, "Prayer is only about changing me, not my circumstances"…

  2. If you have ever called John Piper "The Piper."orIf you switched to the ESV "because Piper did."

  3. Ryan, Excellent additions. :) Thanks for stopping by.

  4. And get goosebumps when someone mentions R.C. Sproul.

  5. And "drool" over Driscoll, because he's cutting edge.

  6. Loved these!You can decipher this code: 29:29, 21:1, 6:37, 6:43, 10:26, 8:30, 9:20, 1:4, 2:8You found the error.

  7. ps, John Macarthur is releasing his study Bible in ESV august so,If you preordered the ESV Macarthur study Bible.If you know what the "cage stage" isIf you punish your children by making them listen to Ergun Caner sermonsIf PCA does not only mean "Presbyterian Church of America" but also "Pistols, Cigars, and Alcohol"

  8. one more,If you got kicked out of Barnes and Noble for putting Warren's "Purpose Driven Life" in the fiction section and the Bible in the non-fiction section.SDG

  9. Good ones Anonymous, thanks for stopping by.

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