Interesting Links – 5/18/09

Ben Witherington is moving his blog. Update your bookmarks!

Peter Lumpkins gives his thoughts on two books written by Calvinists. One he highly recommends, one he does not.

A number of Catholics are upset about Obama’s speech at Notre Dame, including Notre Dame Right to Life and Notre Dame Response.

Along those lines, a new poll shows that the majority of Americans are pro-life.

C Michael Patton writes that Calvinists need to calm down. Quote: “I see less Christ-like character in many Calvinistic brethren than I do in just about any other tradition in Christianity.”

Pastor Phil writes that he became a Calvinist because Calvinism Biblically declares, “It’s all of and for God.” Moderate-Arminianism declares, “It’s partly of and for God.”

T Robbins writes that Arminians are devil possessed swine.



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2 responses to “Interesting Links – 5/18/09

  1. The last guy, Robbins, has some serious issues with Christ. Pray for his soul.

  2. Yeah, he is out there. He even hates Piper.

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