Interesting Links – March 7, 2009

Ken Schenck writes that it is a great time to be a Wesleyan (this includes Charismatics as well). He focuses on four trends: The New Perspectives on Paul (which is friendly to an “Arminian” understanding of Paul), Theological hermeneutics (following the Bible’s lead as compared to defending traditional evangelical positions), missional Christianity (being salt and light to our culture), and the ancient-future movement (a resurgence in interest about historical Christianity).

Ben at Arminian Perspectives is doing a chapter by chapter critique of Craig Brown’s book The Five Dilemmas of Calvinism. Apparently Craig’s book is making the rounds among the NeoReformed.

Former Calvinist Dan Graceley has written a book critiquing Calvinism. It is now available online for free! HOODWINKED AND HAPPY?: Evangelicals, Calvinism, and Why No One’s Answering the Problem of Evil. The book is well worth the read, although the author doesn’t consider himself an Arminian.

Was honest Abe a Calvinist? The folks at “Evangelical Covenant Church” think so.

Pat Nolan, vice president of Prison Fellowship, explains how to save the government billions with prison reform, noting that “by nature the government cannot love people…If we’re going to change these folks we got to show them that we truly love them as brothers in Christ and that we’re there for them,”


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