Interesting Links – February 21, 2009

I’m going to start a series of posting links that interest me. The plan is to do it once a week. I’m borrowing the concept from Lee Shelton at the Contemporary Calvinist. Lee has a great knack for finding things – even if he is Reformed. :)

Scot McKnight has a two part series on the “NeoReformed” – his term for “those who are obsessed with God’s holiness and grace and have not learned that grace makes people gracious.” Part1, Part2.

The Superbowl Commercial by Catholic Vote that NBC refused to air.

Ken Schenck interviews Peter Ens about attending a Nazarene church. Enns discusses some differences that he has observed between the Reformed and Wesleyan traditions, noting that in his experience the Reformed focus on “comprehensive theological precision”, while Wesleyans are more interested in “worship and maturity in Christian character”.

Dr. Timothy Tennent is the new president of Asbury Theological Seminary.

Dan at Arminian Chronicles contiunes a dialogue with Hays and Manata of Tribalouge on the definition of free will.

Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral is laying off staff and selling land.

The Christian Post notes that “Wiley-Blackwell, a major academic publisher, is recalling copies of Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization and scrapping the print run after critics said the entries were “too Christian” and “too anti-Muslim.””



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2 responses to “Interesting Links – February 21, 2009

  1. Good to see that the Crystal Cathedral is laying off staff. I don’t mean any bad will toward the staff but I only say that in light of their false teachings.

  2. Hi Roy, I think the CC has run it’s course, as has much of televangelism. The sad thing is that they did away with Schuller Jr, and I’ve heard that he was more of a solid teacher than his dad.

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