Arminian Audio: Arminius -The Scapegoat of Calvinism

Here is an audio presentation by Dr. Vic Reasoner, entitled: “Arminius -The Scapegoat of Calvinism”. Reasoner has also published an article by the same name.

MP3 Link
Article Link

Dr. Reasoner gives the historical background for Arminianism, and how Arminius and Wesley have often been misrepresented by their critics. He addresses three misrepresentations: that Arminians do not hold to total depravity, that they hold to the absolute free will of man, and that they promote a works salvation.

Dr. Reasoner is a Methodist theologian and pastor. He is also involved with the Fundamental Wesleyan Society and the Arminian Magazine.

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7 responses to “Arminian Audio: Arminius -The Scapegoat of Calvinism

  1. Thanks for posting this. When I first uploaded part 1, about 10 to 20 seconds of it was choppy.I fixed the problemPart 1: don’t have to link it to my blog if you don’t want. You can go straight to my audio page at stickam.JNORM888

  2. Hey Jnorm888, Thanks for finding and posting this. I thought it was very good.Actually the audio link I have now goes to Dr Reasoner’s site. I emailed him, and he was kind enough to point me to where it was at.

  3. Is there anyway you can get the other audios?He wasn’t the only one at the conference. Steve Wiski (I think I spelled his name wrong) was also there and he gave a critique of the 5 points of Calvinism.And then they have another audio called “the faith factor”.They use to be online a long time ago (like 7 years ago).But something happened to the old links.JNORM888

  4. I had to get mine (casset tapes) directly from Dan Corner (about 5 years ago) because they use to be on his website.JNORM888

  5. Hey Jnorm,Right now the “scapegoat” link is the only one online. From what I understand the other ones are out there, but the web code is not serving them up right. I’ve been exchanging emails with the gentleman who runs Vic’s website, and he’s hoping to have these available in the future. If I hear anything I’ll drop you a note.It’s one of my main goals to find and promote good Arminian audio links. There is a lot of stuff out there from the Reformed perspective, but not much Arminian. (the largest sermon site) is very hostile to the Arminian view. That is unfortunate. is a more balanced, but they seem to also avoid content that directly addresses the A/C differences. For example they have some John Wesley readings, but don’t have any of his criticisms of Calvinism (like “Free Grace”).Anyway, I’m rambling now. :) Thanks again for pointing me to Dr. Reasoner’s stuff.

  6. Thanks for posting this Kevin…very beneficial!

  7. You know, I got his name wrong. It’s not Dave Winsky. It’s “Steve Witzki”He had a few audios as well. I’m sorry for giving you the wrong name.JNORM888

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