Full Video of the Saddleback Debate Interviews

A must watch for Christians. I will keep my opinions to myself. :)

Warren Interviews Obama (49 minutes)

Warren Interviews McCain (44 minutes)

Questions asked:
Who are three wise people who you would rely on in your administration?
What has been your greatest moral failure? What has been America greatest moral failure?
Give an example where you went against party interest for the good of the country.
Give an example where you went against your own interests for the good of the country.
What is a position you held 10 years ago that you do not hold today?
What’s the most gut wrenching decision you ever had to make?
What does it mean to you to be a Christian? How does your faith live out?
At what point is a baby (fetus) entitled to human rights?
Define marriage.
Do you support a constitutional amendment to define marriage?
Do you favor or oppose embryonic stem cell research?
Does evil exist? If so, what should we do about it?
Which existing supreme justice would you not have nominated?
Should faith based organizations who receive federal funds have the right to hire people of like minded belief?
Do you support merit pay for public school teachers?
Define rich. Give me a number.
What do you do when the the right to privacy and national security interests collide?
What’s worth dying for?
What is the criteria for committing American troops to war?
Would you consider a government plan to help orphans worldwide?
What should we do to end religious persecution worldwide?
What should we do to prevent human trafficking (slavery)?
Tell me in a minute why you want to be president.
What do you say to people who oppose me asking you these questions in a church?
What would you tell the American public if you knew there would be no repercussions?



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3 responses to “Full Video of the Saddleback Debate Interviews

  1. Are you “enlightened” after that last post under “Calvin’s theological invention?” =-)I responded

  2. Hey Kyle, indeed. :) Loved your response. The arrogance of some of the DoG fanboys is astounding.

  3. It’s hard to imagine that they are anything but willfully ignorant of solid Wesleyan and Arminian theology. Soon I’m going to write a post showing how Calvinists do not own the theological concepts they often say they own.Calvinism is a reactionary theology historically. Augustine reacted to Pelagius, Calvin to the Roman Catholics, and modern Calvinists to soft, trivialized mainstream Christianity. As such, they feel they own these issues, but they don’t. What is needed is balance, not reaction.

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