Audio Links: George Bryson

George Bryson has a three part audio series on the problems with Calvinism. Link here. This is a great series. Unfortunately the format is Real Audio, so it can’t be downloaded to a portable audio player. If anyone knows of an mp3 link let me know. :)

Bryson is affiliated with Calvary Chapel. He considers himself a Non-Calvinist, but not an Arminian. He has also written two books critical of Calvinism:

“The Five Points of Calvinism: Weighed and Found Wanting”
“The Dark Side of Calvinism: The Calvinist Caste System”

The “Five Points” book is a great primer for anyone who is looking into the Arminian/Calvinist debate for the first time, and wants a simple overview of the issues at hand. It is available online for free: here  and here



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3 responses to “Audio Links: George Bryson

  1. Martha Donohue

    Your link (above) to George Bryson’s audio series on Calvinism is not working. It links to Calvary Media, but Bryson’s audio series is not there anymore. I really want to hear his audio series, because I have his books, I have given them to others, and I’d like to hear the audio. Do you have a new link to get Bryson’s audio on Calvinism?

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