Audio Links: Iron Sharpens Iron debate

Iron Sharpens Iron (a Calvinist leaning radio show) is running a five day debate entitled: “The DOCTRINES of SOVEREIGN GRACE: Biblical Truths or Dangerous Fallacies”. There are mp3 links available on the site.

Opposing Calvinism is DR. F. LaGARD SMITH author of Troubling Questions For Calvinists .

Defending Calvinism is DR. LAWRENCE W. CARRINO, founding and Senior Pastor of Grace Gospel Church.



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2 responses to “Audio Links: Iron Sharpens Iron debate

  1. Hey I saw that you stopped by my blog and, in fact, put it on your list of favorites. I am honored. I hope I live up to your expectations and post things that are pleasing to God and thought provoking to man.

  2. Thanks for saying “hello”. Always nice to meet a fellow believer, Nazarene and Kevin. :)

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