Dutch Chocolate, and two ways to read the Bible

There are (at least) two ways to read the Bible. The first way is a typical “Western” way of learning. The Bible is read in a systematically analytical method. The second way is to read it with personal reflection – with the heart, and then prayerfully ask God to speak through his word. Both ways, I believe, are needed. I think though that I overemphasize the first method, and then don’t allow God to speak to me through his word.

Here is a neat example of the second method, as taught by Corrie ten Boom (account found online):

The story is told of the time Corrie Ten Boom was to speak to a group of theologians after the war. She first passed out Dutch chocolate to each person there – a real treat in those days. After they had eaten it she said, “No one said anything about the chocolate.” Someone protested that they had indeed thanked her for it. She replied, “I meant that none of you asked me how much sugar was in it. Or what kind of chocolate it was. Or the order in which the ingredients were added together. Or the temperature of the mix. Or where it was made. You just took it and ate it.” Someone in the audience replied, “And it was excellent.” Corrie Ten Boom then continued holding up her Bible, “And in the same way you should read this! Stop analyzing it or you will never be nourished. Pick it up and read the Word of God!

More Corrie ten Boom links:

Common Sense not needed.

Audio from a few of her chats (SermonIndex.net)


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